Vehicle Wraps – Making that Connection with your Client

As a small business owner myself, I know how all consuming it can be. If I am not at the office working, I am thinking about working… My brain doesn’t turn off just because it’s a weekend. In fact the nature of this business means that I often work weekends whether it be at a trade show or sponsoring and participating in a local community event. It’s key as a small business owner to develop personal connections with community and clients. It’s also the best part of owning my own business as far as I am concerned.

Emotional connections are one of the things that drive most human beings. As we get more and more digitized many people lament the lack of those “old fashioned” face to face connections. There is no question that things are changing in the way that people connect but it has been interesting to see that what hasn’t changed is the inherent emotional connection that everyone still strives for whether it be via blogging, texting, facebook or whatever.

Advertising has always understood this and today is no different, they just might go about differently. Here is one of their new “Not Normal” campaigns which of course include not just TV but online ads.

The idea is to highlight the strong emotional and personal connection between driver and MINI, as well as the car’s strong, independent character. 

Most small business obviously don’t have the resources to create a similar campaign. That’s where we come in.

Vehicle wraps are a budget friendly way of making that emotional connection with your clientele. You can promote your business and your brand in a fun way. The mere fact that it’s mobile also allows for your brand to gain visibility…especially if you are strategic about where and when you park or drive it.

The added benefit of a vehicle wrap is that you can change it at any time, inexpensively, if you change your branding or just your mind for that matter. It also protects a very expensive company asset from corrosion, small scratches and more…

So as you read this article, think about taking your business branding to the next level and consider a vehicle wrap. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can contact The Original Vancouver Car Wraps for a FREE, no obligation quote.

So let’s start connecting!