Humour Really Can Help Your Brand

Humorous ads really do help your brand. If you need convincing, have a look at Evian’s (the mineral water company) new “Baby & Me” Youtube video that was launched last month. It has over 55 millions views and counting already because it’s fun to watch and Evian doesn’t have to pay a sent to distribute this content: because it’s funny, their fans are doing it for them.

Back in 2009 Evian created a video called “Roller Babies” that also created a sensation with 68 million views. With this new one, they are establishing themselves as a company with a sense of humour.

In Steve McKee explains why humor can work in branding. There can be pitfalls but not if you are careful to be strategic. Here is an excerpt from his article:

Humor is social by nature; people are instinctively inclined to spread funny stuff, even if it’s an ad. Not all of us are good at telling jokes, but when we hear a good one we’ll do our best to share it with others. It’s no secret (and should be no surprise) that the most viral Web videos tend to be those that do the best job of tickling people’s funny bones.

A humorous brand is a confident brand, and a confident brand is attractive. Many years ago a bail bonds company down the street from me put up a cheap billboard that simply said, “Because jail sucks.” I laughed out loud when I first saw it, and not only do I remember it to this day, I’ve helped the brand spread the word by telling other people about it. While I hope I won’t be in need of a bail bond anytime soon, if and when I do, I know who to call.

It’s a worthwhile read so check out the article in it’s entirety here.

Small to medium businesses really need to be creative when it comes to brand building.  Budgets and time constraints can make it seem overwhelming to the small business owner who is trying to make their mark and separate themselves from all of the online noise out there.

Vehicle wraps are another great way to build your brand using humour. Not only are you protecting a valuable asset but it brings value on a budget. More importantly, your branding message is mobile. If you need a reminder about the impact of vehicle wraps as a marking tool check out a recent article I wrote about this by clicking here.

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