Branding and Vehicle Car Wraps – a Concept that has Come into it’s Own

Vehicle wrapping is a fun and creative way to promote yourself, your brand or your business. Vehicle wraps are playing a major role these days in promoting services, events and products. The smart ones include a call to action or a unique twist that turns the head. With very little capital input you, the client, can create or extend your brand for increased visibility.

Here are some cool branding ideas that others have used. Now imagine taking them one step further by wrapping a vehicle with them. All you need is an open mind and a little creativity and well, us.

1. While this contemporary black and white wine packaging does not have a prominent logo on it, there is a prominent QR code and each type of wine has a different, subtle geometric graphic on it. Not only would this branding stand out on the wine shelves but definitely on the road.

2. This branding is fun, flirty and colourful. What a great concept. Colours always make a splash on a car wrap and this would be an excellent brand to be put on a funky van or a small car.Juicy Fruit socks by Wendy Gaal are droolworthy.

3. Our love of all things canine, is responsible for the explosion of businesses catering to these four-legged creatures. This is one company that has found their niche in handmade couture for pooches. Consider this subtle and classy logo on a nice vehicle as it is parked or driving around an expensive neighborhood.P’etiquette handmade canine couture nails it.

4. Sometimes keeping it simple is the most effective route, like our client does. They use colour, a funny image, but mostly they emphasize their toll free hotline number. It’s concise and effective.

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