Psychedelic Car Wraps – Why Not?

I’m a big fan of No question that some of those ideas are “out there”. Sometimes however, a certain trend well, becomes a trend. Sometimes an idea just dies a quick death.

Most of us can’t project into the future and truly predict a trend. Nonetheless some ideas are just plain quirky and fun, for however long they last.

Designer and Artist Pam Tietze creates kaleidoscope glasses that have been deemed eyewear art. Artists and designers have been creating everything from digital 3D-printed food, slate and even jewel-encrusted glasses. Pam Tietze has taken this a step further by creating these kaleidoscope glasses, which are more like a form of art than simple fashion.

What is the point of this post you ask?

My point is, it’s about possibilities. You are only limited by your imagination. So why not a kaleidascope wrapped car?

Okay, so perhaps this isn’t exactly your style. That’s perfectly okay. The good news is that our in-house Graphic Designer can help you create a wrap for your vehicle that is your style, customized for you. Or you can bring your own ideas to us.

Have fun. Wraps are not just for businesses anymore.