Mobile Marketing – It’s Not What you Think

Mobile Marketing – It’s Not What you Think. Expecting smartphone and tablet info? This isn’t about that kind of market.

The Original Vancouver Car Wraps is in the business of “Mobile Marketing” not just vehicle wraps.

Car2Go in Vancouver is a Company who not only has a brilliant business concept, but they execute it well too. They have found a need and are filling it. They also understand the concept of mobile marketing.

Car2go (a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler North America Corporation) gets Vancouver going. They have over 300 vehicles, always ready to go. You can’t miss them, you can’t miss their brand.

“Every minute, every hour, every day”

“Always available, just round the corner
Right down the street”

You might actually think that I work for them with all of this shameless promotion. I don’t, but I do admire their business savvy and their marketing concept.

The next time you visit Vancouver look around, you can’t miss them. Oh and they aren’t just in Vancouver.

Mobile Marketing for your business, a smart and cost effective way to go.

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