Oh No, Your Vehicle is Scratched! What to Do About It

Sure you fix a scratch on your car.  The Globe and Mail tells you how? Click on the link for the complete article but here is a small exerpt.

“Until Nerf starts making cars, and shopping carts, scratches and scuffs are unavoidable – but if they’re shallow, you can polish them out at home.

“To determine if you can remove a scratch or a scuff from the paint by polishing, pass your fingernail over the scratch at a 90 degree angle,” says Paulo Santos, autobody professor at Centennial College in Toronto. “If the fingernail does not catch and it flows over the scratch, then you may be able to repair it at home using fine grit wet sandpaper and rubbing compound.”

If your fingernail catches in the scratch, you may have to take it in to an auto body shop, Santos says…”

Back to us:

If your scratch is small, it can be very cost effective to repair it yourself. But if your scratch is large and deep, you may just have to consider a paint job.  But paint jobs can be expensive.

Instead, have you ever thought of a vehicle wrap?  There are so many good reasons to consider this option.

1. customized graphics to your taste

2. protect your vehicle and lengthen it’s life

3. advertise your business (mobile marketing)

See what we mean?


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