Pet Grooming, Insurance, Boutiques, Apps and more – the Pet Industry Trend

Pet grooming services, pet insurance, natural pet foods, high end pet boutiques, pet phone apps and more. At a time when the economy is still struggling to regain it’s footing, it appears that pet related businesses are bucking the trend with sustained growth over the years. In fact, they appear to be almost recession proof.

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The American Pet Products Association (APPA) in the US released total spending statistics for pet industry expenditures over the last few years. We obviously adore our pets:

Year Billion

2013 $55.53 Estimate
2012 $53.33 Actual
2011 $50.96
2010 $48.35
2009 $45.5
2008 $43.2
2007 $41.2
2006 $38.5
2005 $36.3
2004 $34.4

For 2013, it estimated that $55.53 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S.

Estimated Breakdown:

Food $21.26 billion
Supplies/OTC Medicine $13.21 billion
Vet Care $14.21 billion
Live animal purchases $2.31 billion
Pet Services: grooming & boarding $4.54 billion

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