Special Events and Charities

Special Events and Charities

Get involved and that is what VCW has done since the beginning and before. We take great pride partnering up with Charities and Special Events.  We are a unique company and do things that most other do not in support of their community, Chamber, and Events and Charity since we have an extensive and experience Events division of The Original Vancouver Car Wraps.

The Original Vancouver Car Wraps and staff have been involved in with many Charities and Events. Here are just a few.


Dreams Take Flight

  1. Habitat For Humanity
  2. BC Cancer Society
  3. Fraser Valley Food Bank
  4. BC Children’s Hospital
  5. Kidney Foundation
  6. Junior Diabetes
  7. SPCA


  1. Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival
  2. Marathons
  3. Triathlons
  4. World Cup Snow Boarding/ Skiing
  5. Car Shows
  6. Festivals
  7. Privet and Corporate Parties
  8. Golfing events
  9. Trade Shows

The Original Vancouver Car Wraps is now on the Hunt for more Charities and Events to be involved in. We can support your Charity and event with:


  1. Wraps, Banners, Signs,
  2. Social Media
  3. Motorola (Industrial strength) Two-way radios, head sets, mics ect…
  4. Tents
  5. Powered Golf carts
  6. Trailer’s
  7. Large A Class Motor home
  8. Generators
  9. P.A system
  10. DJ services

Please contact us for more information on how we can get involved with your Charity and Event.


Please note we can only do so many and have a set budget. Each request is reviewed by our team of experts and will follow up.  Some Events and Charities or either Contra, Donation, Sponsorship or Co-op.


Daryl Matilda

The Original Vancouver Car Wraps