Bombay Hair’s Branding is “da Bomb”

This week The Original Vancouver Car Wraps wrapped a company vehicle for  a very interesting local company named Bombay Hair.

We love how the vehicle turned out and we are thrilled and honoured that they came to us to have the work done.

Bombay Hair started their Company in December 0f 2012 with the goal of providing high quality hair extensions at an affordable price, something apparently lacking in the Lower mainland’s marketplace.  I am not really the demographic client that this company is looking for (I am a guy) but I really respect how this company is building their brand.

First and foremost, they understand that women want to be part of a “club”, in this case a Bombay Bombshell! Who doesn’t want to feel courageous and gorgeous and smart?

Bombay Hair products are sold exclusively online via their very cool website. They have started to include “how to” youtube links and are also active on social media platforms that make strategic sense for their very visual business. They have a large following on  instagram and are also using Facebook and Twitter to engage with their communities.  They even have an in house office where they offer something called their “Meet & Match Service”.  This allows you an opportunity to match your hair and take your extension sets home with you.  Obviously not everyone has access to their Richmond BC office. Bombay Hair has thought about that problem and has a solution in hand.  Virtual clients just send an email to Bombay Hair with an included picture of their hair taken in natural light. Bombay Hair staff match the client up.

This young company has really thought things through, from the business to the implementation to the marking on a budget.  In fact, they are already expanding into professional styling tools and hair care products at prices they claim are “non-professional”. They must be doing something write.

The final marketing piece is their company vehicle wrap and that’s where The Original Vancouver Car Wraps stepped in.

Being mobile allows their brand to be gain exposure in the neighborhoods and communities that matter to them.  Not only are wraps cost effective but they protect the vehicle at the same time. Should the company at any time wish to change their look, it can be easily done at a fraction of the cost of a paint job.

So check out Bombay Hair. We think you will be as impressed as we are!

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