Alloy Wheel Repair – One Cool Truck Wrap!

The Original Vancouver Car Wraps is pleased and excited to showcase one of our newest clients, Alloy Wheel Repair Ltd.and their One Cool Wrap.

AWR gets it. As a mobile business, their trucks drive the roads and highways in which they serve their clients. Why not turn that fleet of trucks into mobile billboards?  You can’t help but notice their sharp looking trucks on the roads.  An added benefit of the wraps?  Wraps protect AWR’s biggest assets, their vehicles,  from chips and rust.


Alloy Wheel Repair Ltd. introduced mobile wheel repair services to British Columbia in 2002.  For the past 12 years they have been proudly serving commercial customers from North Vancouver to Chilliwack including the Greater Vancouver market.  Alloy Wheel Repair Ltd also provides service in the Vancouver Island cities of Victoria, Nanaimo, Parksville and Courtney

Whether you are a Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealer, an Insurance Adjuster, a Shop Manager or a Car Rental Agency, Alloy Wheel Repair Ltd can help you with all of your wheel repair needs.  AWR has an experienced team and multiple mobile units available, all including state-of-the-art trucks (that meet all of the environmental laws in BC) to serve your needs.  They are a convenient and cost effect way to get those wheel repairs done.  And if there is one thing The Original Vancouver Car Wraps understands, it’s about offering businesses a cost effective way to advertise their brands.

AWR also offers residential services for individual clients who would rather repair their damaged wheel(s) than replace them.
With a guarantee of your full satisfaction and and unbeatable 1-year warranty, isn’t it time you contacted our friends at AWR?
AWR’s is currently working on a website to serve you better. In the meantime you can contact them at 604.889.0032 or 1.866.489.0032.


The Original Vancouver Car Wraps specializes in relationship building in the business of vehicle wraps, signs, banners, displays, and more.  As a local Vancouver based company we are looking to help BC businesses get more exposure for their business and better advertising value for their dollar using vehicle wraps. The possibilities for your advertising creative are endless.

Contact one of our Vancouver Car Wrap representatives to see how we can best help you!