Contraceptive Conferring Cabbies? What is This You Ask?

You’re probably wondering what a contraceptive ad fromTrendHunter has to do with The Original Vancouver Car Wraps.  No, we aren’t in the business of selling contraceptives.  What we are in the business of is vehicle wraps and more specifically, mobile outdoor marketing.

This is an example of a brilliant marketing campaign that was developed for Valentines Day that Trojan is running in New York City.  And while you don’t necessarily need to go this far to marketing your company, clearly a little creativity and imagination goes a long way.  That is where can assist.  Vehicle wraps and decals are one part of the parcel. They are a unique and value driven method of showing off your personality and/or business, while still protecting your assets for years. Clearly a win/win proposition. Whether you are a small business or a large business with a fleet, the same marketing concept applies.

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The Trojan Safe Ride Taxis Quiz Passengers on Health Issues

by Meghan Young

The road has never been safer thanks to the Trojan Safe Ride taxis. At least, when it comes to sex. Hitting the streets of New York City on Valentine’s Day, these special cabbies will be giving out prizes to promote safe sex. Now, if only they were able to give out free advice to singles looking for a fun one night stand or something more serious on what is also known as Single Awareness Day (SAD).

Part of Trojan’s National Condom Month campaign coordinate by public relations firm Edelman, the Trojan Safe Ride taxis are brilliant. Not only will people in the Greenwich Village and New York University areas of Manhattan be given health-related items, they will also be quizzed on the subject.